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You are welcome to contact us using the following information or by filling out the form below.

SBH In Stockholm AB
116 74 Stockholm
Phone: 08-12875050
Organisation no: 556975-9474


How can i order the products?

The fastest way is to create an customer account. With a customer account you can track your orderhistory and make re-orders fast. If you rather would like to call to put an order please contact us at +468-128 75 050 or send an email to

What is the delivery time?

If you place your order before 10:00 the order is normaly delivered the next working day.  

What support do you offer?

In close colaboration to the product advisors from SIGA we can provide on-site support as well as education within air and windtightness . Contact us on +468-12875050 if you need support or would like to book a workshop.

Why cant i order single rolls?

Contact us by phone if you have the need to buy single rolls. To maintain a high delivery service and a low shipping fee we only sell by box in our webshop.

How can i pay?

Buisinesscustomers can pay by 30 day invoice.  

Private customers can pay by Klarna. 

Who is SBH in Stockholm AB?

SBH in Stockholm AB is a reseller that works in close colaboration with SIGA in sweden. 

Where can i find more information about SIGA?

You can read more about the system at this link: The SIGA system